All The President’s Men

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According to a source, who does not want to be identified, All The President’s Men was a good movie.

Why be a rat, but not want anyone to know?

There are many lessons you are taught in life, one that has always stuck with me is: “If you say something, you better own up to it.”

In All the President’s Men, it seems that guys such as “Deep Throat” wasn’t taught this.

Deep Throat is the man throughout the movie who is a continual source, but one that won’t be identified. He gives plenty of leads and tips to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, but refuses to be named.

Yes, there are repercussions to giving your permission to print your name, such as we saw in the movie with a few of the president’s men. They allow themselves to be quoted and when they are they come out against it, either denying it or calling it a misquote.

“Honesty is the best policy.” But what is honesty if the public doesn’t know who is being honest? We know it’s a source giving us these “facts” but what does that mean to me?

In the movie this very same thing gets Woodward and his partner Carl Bernstein with his bosses. They continue to ask for more sources, because the two or three that they have are all wanting to remain unidentified.

As a reader and viewer of the news, I trust a story much more if I know “John Smith” of CREEP told me that Richard Nixon shredded documents pertaining to the break-in.

I understand the battle of a journalist to get these men to let you print their name, but to me you need at least one named source in a huge story such as this one was.

But if you are willing to put your job on the line to print a story with your name on it accusing the President of the United States of such fraud, then you better trust your sources.

This is why journalism is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You must gain the trust from your bosses and employers, then you must gain the trust of your peers, and finally finish by gaining the trust of the common folk reading your work.

One miss step in journalism and you are now on the wrong end of the newspaper, that is being written about.

In sports they say “You are as only as good your weakest link.” In journalism, “You are only as good as your sources.”


Money or Power, They Go Hand in Hand

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Money may not buy you happiness, but power is a whole different story.

Wendy McCaw was a woman living the dream, she had the money, the college degree, a wealthy husband, but did she have power?

The question was answered early and often throughout this movie, Citizen McCaw.

The wheels were put into motion early on as she felt that she should be in charge of everything inside the paper.

Yes, she has a great argument, it’s her paper, she has the money invested into it, but the stories that would go in there were ridiculous.

The control was unbelievable, but even more than that was the fact that she would listen to no one but herself, and those who agreed with her.

“Money is power”

The tumultuous decisions that were allowed to go on, were absurd. But it was all due to her wealth.

She had the money to keep the paper going even if it wasn’t bringing in much revenue. To her it was all about the point of it’s my paper, I have the power, and you can try and fight it, but I can go farther than you because of the green paper that I have outweighs yours.

Such as we saw at the end of the film when Mrs. McCaw went after Mr. Jerry Roberts for everything. She knows that she has the advantage due to the fact of her wallets is fatter then his.

We see this classic battle all the time where money equals power.

Athletes who get off scotch free, celebrities serving time in jail and being released on “over-population”, and then the all-time best, money to settle out of court.

There is no justice being served by the crooks who have money, instead they are paying their way through life, not worrying about a thing that gets in their way.

Class To This Point

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As I enrolled into COM 302, I did not know what to expect, but now we are a month into it I have found out a lot of intriguing, including practices that will be useful as we get out of college.

The first few weeks have been a lot of blogs and informational things about us and what we have prepared for our future. I was relatively confident in all my accomplishments and preparation. That is until one of our guest Dana Wehrli came in to talk to us about resumes.

This is one thing I have struggled with throughout my college life and before that. What to put on my resume? How to word things? What is important? What can be left off?

Dana helped answer a lot of those questions, and now has me on the right track. The one thing I could use help on is my cover letter. But this is all apart of the process.

So I was very impressed and happy to know that Lindenwood University offers us her services as well as her partner, Brandi Goforth.

As far as clearing my thoughts for what I want to go into, I’ve known all along and I still am pretty set on going into radio broadcasting. I believe the informational interview will just confirm this.

After I leave LU I really hope to find a job outside of St. Louis, as I have been told that is an advantage I have over competition. Mike Claiborne has told me that going into the job searching field you must keep your mind open. And Steve Savard, play-by-play broadcaster for the Rams, told me if I am willing to leave St. Louis I have a foot up on many.

I have found I did a very good thing by getting an internship early on in life as a high schooler. This was great news, especially because everyone from Prof. Wheatley to Brandi preached on internships and their importance.

As far as the informational interview are concerned I am really comfortable with it. However I afraid I have run out of local options, since I have already taken the time this summer and done an interview with both Steve Savard and Chris Kerber, both being play-by-play for local sports teams.

The interviews are excellent ideas. It is something I was told about by Mr. Kerber, he was really pushing the idea of making as many connections as possible, and directed me towards my other interview with Steve Savard.

The thing I find neat about all of this is that everyone is recommending us to the same thing, such as make connections, do internships, be well prepared, it seems like such common knowledge, yet to us we are “a lost fart in a whirl-wind.”

My Resume

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Travis E. Green
Address ——-(314) ***-**** ——-

Professional Profile

A hard working professional who goes above and beyond what is ask of him. Has extensive experience in working with people. Very people friendly, has a winners attitude, but knows how to get thiings done the right way. A team worker, focuses on success as a group, and not just individual goals. Very hands on, has done everything from board operating, producing, being on air, and even being a stage hand when it comes to setting up live remotes. Worked on the ITD Roll Home as an intern where I learned my traits of producing and board operating. Also a weekly producer and board operator on Sunday Morning where I have ran up to 4 shows, including Howard Balzer’s Sunday Morning football show a few years back.

– Board Operator
– Producer
– Remote Specialist
– On – Air Talent
– Commercial Production

Selected Accomplishments

Won the Steward Award which rewards dedication and hard work in voluntary work for the school of St. Louis Christian Academy and Church of St. Louis. This was only the 2nd time in 20+ years of the award a student had won the award while attending St. Louis Christian Academy.

Has an award named after him at St. Louis Christian Academy by former soccer coach. It is rewarded for hard work, determination, and leadership.

While attending Lindenwood University, was promoted as Sports Director over the KCLC Sports Department for the 2010-11 school year, as a junior. This is a job that is done without pay that dedicates the time to Lindenwood radio station’s sports department, in scheduling events to be broadcasted, as well as setting the broadcast teams up for the different sports broadcasted over the air waves of KCLC. There are many responsibilities related to the Sports Directors position which requires hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Professor and Dean of Communciations also awarded me with the play-by-play broadcast of the Lindenwood Lions football team for the 2010-11 football season. This is another time consuming deed, which requires weekly interviews, traveling, research, and audio packages. All while still dedicating myself to school work and Sports Directing.

Employment History
Southwest Market Cuisine –
Sandwhich maker, Dishwasher, Machine Hand.
July of 2006 – Present

KSLG Intern-
Interned for Bernie Miklasz, Randy Karraker, and Ben Boyd while being a Senior in High School
December of 2007 – June of 2008

Board operator, Producer, as well as a stage hand helping set up Live Broadcast Remotes. Eventually became On-Air Talent.
June of 2008 – Present

Valedictorian of Senior Class in 2008 at St. Louis Christian Academy finished with a 3.8 GPA.

Currently attending Lindenwood University. Majoring in Communications with a minor in Coaching. Enter 2010-11 as a Junior with a 3.0 GPA.

Who Am I?

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My name is Travis Green, I am a junior at Lindenwood University. I come from a family of three boys, and a mother and father who are happily married and still pressing onward.

I come from a close-knit family, we all care and love each other dearly. My parents were very loving and sacrificed a lot to send us to a very small Christian school in the heart of St. Louis, its name is St. Louis Christian Academy.

SLCA is where the school I attended for 12 of my 13 years of school, it is where I was brought up from a little boy, to a young man, with high morals, and great respect for others.

One of my goals while in school was to do as much extra curricular activity as provided. Therefore I sang in the Choir, as well as played soccer and basketball from 7th grade on up.

Sports are my life! When I played in high school I was severely competitive, which had its good consequences and its bad consequences. The good consequence was in my Senior year, I was co-captain of my basketball team, while being the captain of my soccer team.

I am a leader. I lead by example, but I am also a very vocal leader. This is a big reason I am doing a minor in Coaching.

My leadership role, led me to be a youth leader in my former church for about 6 years. I can relate to the kids around me but at the same time I am a very good mediator between the adults and young adults.

I try to live my life by this quote: “There is no failure except in no longer trying.”

This is what led to many good things thus far in my life.

As a Senior in high school I began to search around town for internships, not that it was a necessity, but I figured why not give it a try to it’ll help me learn what I want to do in life. So I emailed all of the sports writers for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz and Rick Hummel were the only two to respond.

Mr. Hummel was very swift to respond and let me know I must be at least a Junior in college to intern for the Post, he however did offer up his help once I reached my Junior year.

Bernie was the one who took me under his wing, and gave me a shot interning on his and Randy Karraker’s radio show on 1380 AM in St. Louis. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but as Bernie said in paraphrasing, this maybe not be the gig you want to do, but eventually I believe all of this will be needed, and will eventually form into one. HE WAS RIGHT!

The internship led to a producing job on Sunday mornings at KSLG 1380 AM. I began to run the board and produce about 3 to 4 shows every Sunday, and get paid for it unlike I was with interning.

Eventually after being there a year and a half or so, I approached management and the GM, and asked for my own radio show. This may seem laughable, but to me I thought, why not? The only thing they can say is no. So they hesitated but after a few weeks of working somethings out, we got it done and I am on the air once a week doing a one sports show, on Saturday nights from 7-8 pm.

Me Working at 1380

The station began to sell my spot off after they sold their other radio station, so my hopes were slim for keeping my show, but after a few emails exchanged and a face-to-face meeting, I was still on the air in my current time slot of 10-11 pm on Tuesdays.

I have lasted through a total fire sale, and then a change in ownership, and still blessed to be on the air.

Lindenwood has been a great experience ever since I walked through the doors. Dean Mike Wall has taken me under his wing, groomed me along to the point I am at.

As a Junior, I hold what is believe to be two very well respected jobs here at Lindenwood and KCLC: Sports Director at KCLC and play-by-play for the Lindenwood University football team.

These jobs would not have been for me if I had not shown complete and total will to learn and do anything and everything possible. But more importantly I would not have been here if I was too afraid to ask.